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26 Jan

Lightroom 4 Beta Released Into The Wild

by P101admin

A new beta test version of awesome photography software Adobe Lightroom has been released for testing. As in previous releases, Adobe allows their beta’s to be tested free of charge by the general public to track down running bugs, issues etc.

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15 Dec

Photography Basics – Aperture

by P101admin

Aperture in photography is simply the hole in the camera lens which allows light to pass though to reach the camera’s sensor or film stock. This hole can be controlled to vary the amount of light entering the camera, and thus (along with shutter speed) allowing you to control the exposure of an image.

14 Dec

5 Christmas stocking fillers for photographers

by P101admin

Christmas can be a tricky time when it comes to choosing presents for friends and loved ones. Photographers can be particularly difficult to buy for as most of the equipment they want is normally in excess of £100.00, it not £1,000′s if they are really into i.e. DSLR lenses. Therefore, we thought we would write a quick blog post on 5 reasonably priced Christmas stocking fillers!

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