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Use Pinterest to Promote your Photography

by · April 25, 2012

Photography Made Simple on Pinterest

Pinterest is a new social media platform that promotes the sharing and archiving of images on the web. It acts as an online mood board or notice board that traditionally would have printed images and notes pinned.

There has a been a bit of controversy surrounding Pinterest and copyrights but if used correctly Pinterest can be a great promotional tool for photographers.

Photography styles

Different photographers have different styles but like most creative people many photographers will be inspired by other work, this may be other photographers work, art genres and even graphic design or web design.

Have a look through the web and set up your own ‘inspiration’ board which lets people see your inspirations, your styles and the workings behind some of your compositions. By setting up different boards you can develop a good presence and start to develop your brand. Your brand is you, it is your photography, whether you are an individual or a company you still have a reputation and a style and if people can become familiar with this style they become more familiar with your brand.

You will find that as your board develops this will turn into a great tool for any re branding or website design you do in the future as it not only gives your clients an insight into your brand but your web designer.

You can set up client boards if you have had a brief from a client before an event, wedding or shoot then you can use this to display ideas, this will help the shoot go smoothly and everyone involved can share ideas.

Building followers

Just like Twitter or Facebook you can tag other people in your pins, such as clients, colleagues, industry peers, you can follow their pins much like you would follow their updates on Twitter or Facebook. As with any social network the more valuable resources you share, the more people will follow you and spread. Pinterest is a great tool that can be added to your website like other social media sharing buttons, but you can also share your pins on Facebook and Twitter giving you more ways in which people can find your boards and see your images.

Top Pinterest Tips for Photogrpahers

Watermark your Photos

One problem with sharing images is you do get exposed to copying but add your logo or name and as your images are shared your brand will be shared as well. Don’t overpower the image with your watermark or people won’t want to share it at all. All images are automatically linked back to your site so people who find it will be able to find your website. These links are no followed so don’t pass SEO link strength but could gain you valuable traffic especially when people like what you do.

Use words and captions in images

Love beach image pinterest

Words and images are a fantastic way for people to share things, they can be funny, quirky, informative, thought provoking or just nice and people will share them via all the social networks. If you can either share these types of images on your boards or produce these in your photography then they are much more likely to be shared and gain you excellent exposure.

Pinterest Descriptions

If you want your images to be found make sure you add great descriptions to your photos, descriptive images such as ‘wedding rings’ will help browsers find you using the search function in Pinterest. Make sure your descriptions are still readable and user friendly though, no one wants to see descriptions that are just stuffed with keywords.

Good descriptions can also encourage people to find out more about you or read more about you, you can add links but this sort of self promotion will only work every now and then, predominantly your pinterest boards will gain more momentum if you are seen to be sharing rather than promoting.

Keep an eye on your work

As a photographer it is very likely that people will share your work and it can be difficult to know if your images are being distributed around the world. As Pinterest will add a link back to your website (albeit no followed) you can track your work be searching the following with your own website address where we have put ‘YourDomainName.com’ in bold;


This post was written by Photography Made Simple who offer Photography Courses in the UK as well as an international Photography Mentoring service, you can see their boards and their students boards on Pinterest as well as their own website.

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