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Lightroom 4 Beta Released Into The Wild

by · January 26, 2012

adobe lightroom (photography 101)A new beta test version of awesome photography software Adobe Lightroom has been released for testing.  As in previous releases, Adobe allows their beta’s to be tested free of charge by the general public to track down running bugs, issues etc.  This latest beta is for Adobe Lightroom 4.  Here at Photography 101 we are avid users of Lightroom and cannot wait to try out the new beta.

New features of the beta include:

  • Highlight and shadow recovery - allows you to bring out all the detail in dark shadows and bright highlights.
  • Photo book creation - great addition to create photo books directly in Lightroom (copying the great feature in Aperture basically!).
  • Location-based organization – organise your photos based on GPS data stored in the efix data.
  • White balance brush - help adjust white balance in specific areas instead of globally across the whole image.
  • Additional local editing controls - mainly about letting you adjust noise reduction and remove moiré in specific areas.
  • Extended video support - more options to organize, view and even adjust and edit video files (LR3 had basic import and view videos for convenience of not switching to another browser). This should be useful when proofing HD video editing & production for clients etc.
  • Easy video publishing - allowing you to edit and share video on Facebook and Flickr.
  • Soft proofing - finally caved in to pressure to preview how an image will look when printed with color-managed printers (not sure about this one, as there is big debate about viewing how something will look printed “on screen”).
  • Email directly from Lightroom - handy to email images straight from LR.

Well, any improvement in Lightroom is great, and some of those new features will be great for amateur and professional photography alike.

You can download the beta here.

A word of warning though after we read some of the required spec… Adobe no longer support Windows XP for this version of Lightroom.  That came as a bit of a shock to me, but hey, XP is over 10 years old now, and even Microsoft don’t really support it now either!  My home PC struggled with LR3 anyhow, so I think I will only test out the beta here at work! Also they are no longer supporting Mac’s which are not 64-bit… get with the times man.

Last week Tom Hogarty (Lightroom Product Manager) spoke about the reasons behind the decision not to support XP.

Tom Hogarty

As many have noticed, the Lightroom 4 public beta we released last week does not support Windows XP. This decision did not come lightly and was based on a number of factors. With each version of Lightroom, our goal is always to provide a consistently excellent customer experience. Developing and testing across Operating System versions and platforms to ensure that we’re achieving this goal is a significant effort that takes time and resources. XP is substantially different from Windows Vista and Windows 7, and requires a independent testing matrix, which increases the complexity of our development efforts…

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    Lightrrom is the best, I don’t even use Photoshop anymore, great post.

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