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Canon To Release 5D Mark III

by · March 5, 2012

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon is to release the hotly anticipated update to the amazing 5D MkII to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Canon’s EOS system.

The Canon 5D MkII is one of the best digital SRL’s on the market, and has been a firm favourite with all who have used it.  It is however quite old in terms of the latest image processors and new focusing techniques.

The new 5D MkIII has been built with the feedback and co-operation of the top Canon photographers in the world and they have improved every aspect of the MkII into what is possibly going to be the greatest camera’s ever (no bias here… ahem!)

The new 5D MkIII boasts a new 22.3 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor, new Digic5 processor, 61 point AF sensor and an ISO range of 50-102,400 (100-25,600 native).  It’s place in the Canon EOS line up is apparently not to replace the 5D MkII, but as a bridge between that and the upcoming Canon 1D X.

Jeff AscoughHere at Photography 101 we have not got a model to play with (boo hoo), but there is only one person within the professional photography arena who I aim to aspire to, and that is Jeff Ascough – world known wedding photographer and Canon ambassador (and just happens to live 20 minutes from my house on the Lancashire coast here in the UK!).  He’s had a pre production model for some time and has written a review of it. The best quote from Jeff about the new camera is below:

So are there any negatives to owning this camera? Maybe just one. You will lose the ability to blame the camera for any shortcomings in your own photographic ability. The camera is what every Canon user has been waiting for and then some.

Read his full review at Jeff Ascough Blog.

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