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Raise your glasses this Christmas!

by · December 19, 2011

It’s nearly time for Christmas, and here at photography 101 we like to have a one or toasts to the season at any possible time.  Raising your glass does not mean getting away from photography though, as now you can get almost any style of “drinking vessel” you wish, perfectly shaped to your favourite brand of camera lens.

Want to knock a quick one back – get yourself a set of lens shot glasses.  These are make from ceramic and are a perfect Christmas stocking filler and ideal for any professional photographer in your life!

shot glass lens kit

Always having a warm brew?  Get the now classic “lens mug” in either Canon or Nikon, depending on which side of the fence you sit.  These can be purchased almost anywhere online, especially eBay.

Canon and Nikon lens mug

And the original mug which started it all back at the 2010 Winter Olympics – the Canon 70-200mm Thermos; which was given as a free gift to the press covering the event by Canon.  The ones available now are mostly replicas, but if you need a warm drink out in the field, this would be a perfect match to your kit bag!

Canon thermos lens mug

I myself being a Manchester based photographer have got a 25-105 Canon mug, but as with all of the ones above, it is being used as a storage pot, keeping my pens, pencils and bits safe at hand.  Does make your kit bag look more impressive!


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