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Get Creative when at the Playground!

by · December 22, 2011

Taking pictures of your kids at the local park or playing on playground equipment such as trim trails, swings and slides is a great opportunity to experiment with shooting styles and get something a little more unusual.

Don’t just get them to say cheese when sitting on a swing… The local playground can be a great place to find unusual angles, groovy backdrops and funny poses.  Try to take advance of climbing frames to get up high and shoot down, or look for angles point up – such as shooting up the slide, or from a stepping stone or playground markings.

The below shot was taken by one of our professional photographers at their local park.

example of a great playground portrait

Here you can see a climbing tunnel was used to produce an unusual and striking portrait.  The usual angle and natural shape of the tunnel helps guide the viewer’s eyes to the main subject.  The added reflections caused by the metal structure help give foreground interest and again help to guide the viewer to the main subject.

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